June Sekiguchi

I make pattern based sculptures and large scale immersive installations that involve intensely manipulating material. In my studio practice I process, deconstruct, and re-structure a form, focusing on metaphorical rather than literal interpretations of the source material. My work is modular to allow me to achieve scale and to reconfigure the elements to respond to different sites. Audience interactivity and kinetic elements are important and when I can incorporate time based sound and light elements for an immersive experience, I am happiest. Each project addresses new concepts leading to experimenting with new materials and finding intersections of science, spirit, and art. The primary medium I use is engineered wood panels using a scroll saw to cut pattern with which I create structures. People often assume my work is laser cut, but I cut them myself on a scroll saw which has similar action to a sewing machine in the gentle up and down motion of a rigid yarn-like blade. I can achieve highly detailed, lacey cuts with this tool. The times I have received grants to produce large scale installations, I have commissioned a CNC router cutter to cut simple basic patterns in large quantities. I address cultural identity, cross cultural exchange, and personal narratives through the interplay of surface pattern and structural form. On a deeper level, I metaphorically seek meaning in patterns of humanity, and more intimately, personal patterns of habit. My work is a way of processing significant personal rites of passage and concerns about the world around me. I recently returned from 3 months teaching art and building curriculum in Benguerir, Morocco for a children’s school associated with a brand new, high-tech research and development university called King Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. I am grateful for this opportunity for cross cultural exchange.